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Best odds tools compare the prices offered by various bookmakers. Odds can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and it is important to make sure you are being given the best deal. The odds you pick can be as much as 40% worse than somewhere else.


If you were to place a bet of £10 on odds of 9/1 with bookmaker 'A' you would get £100 back. But if bookmaker 'B' were to offer 11/1 you would get £120 back.


Here you have a £20 difference, just from a £10 stake. Over time this will add up and eat into your profits.


This is where being loyal to a particular bookmaker will not pay off, having several accounts will help you get the best value. Also most bookmakers will offer a free bet for joining them, so it makes sense to take advantage of this.


On this site we have live feeds into 10+ bookmakers so you can get the best odds and collect bigger winnings. Look at the event you wish to bet on and see the best odds available. Once you have chosen the bet you would like to place click on the bookies logo and it will take you straight to their site.


Click here to go to our live odds section.

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