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Casino Reload Offers

Online casinos will reward loyal players with reload offers, basically giving you extra playing money once you have deposited after the initial sign up bonus. They will do this to keep you playing at their casino and not move onto another casino to take advantage of a different sign up bonus.


They won't usually be as lucrative as a sign up bonus as they have already got you as a player and believe you will stick with them. But this will vary from casino to casino.


As with sign up bonuses a reload bonus will come with terms and conditions and it is very important to read these. Usually it will involve a playthrough, where you will have to wager a your bonus a certain amount of times before a cashout will be approved. This is standard throughout the industry and the playthrough will vary depending on the players loyalty and the the casinos generosity.


Times a reload bonus will be given:


1. Weekly reload bonus - This is where they will give you a bonus every week. Normally it will be on the Monday, this way they know they have you as a player for the rest of the week.


2. Monthly reload bonus - This is usually given on the first dau of the month, it will benefit bigger depositors who can afford to deposit on a monthly basis rather than a weekly basis.


3. Inactive accounts - Casinos will always want previous customers to return to them. They will offer you a reload bonus to return to their casino.


4. After a Number of Deposits - They might have a scheme where you get a bonus on your third deposit and after every three thereafter. This encourages you to keep depositing at their casino.


Casino reload offers may not always be worth it, if the playthrough or rollover is quite large, it will take any value out of the offer. It is always best to make sure you understand the terms before you click yes!


Here are few casinos that provide regular reload bonuses:








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